Moreland University Partners with Teachers Test Prep to Offer Praxis Test Practice & Preparation


Moreland University is excited to announce a new partnership with Teachers Test Prep to offer Praxis test practice and preparation services for enrolled candidates and alumni! At Moreland University, we are committed to equipping educators with the innovative, practical skills and knowledge to be effective in the classroom and preparing educators to apply for their U.S. teaching certification. At the successful completion of the TEACH-NOW online preparation program, educators must pass required exams for their area of licensure before applying for their teaching certification. We are thrilled to offer additional support to our candidates as they prepare for exams! 

The new partnership with Teachers Test Prep includes services like free practice tests, instant diagnostics, and study guide overviews. Moreland candidates and alumni can opt into receiving these services as well as access additional paid test prep at discounted prices. Current candidates and alumni can learn more here.

Teachers Test Prep is the nationwide leader in credentialing exam preparation, and their Core Plus Online Prep Programs have a 93-98% success rate. Their test prep programs focus on high subject-matter expertise to help students master the content, along with strategies to be successful on the exams. Candidates preparing for exams will benefit from practice tests and additional test prep services to build confidence and preparedness for the Praxis tests.  

Moreland University graduates perform well above the national average on Praxis exams. According to 2018-2021 data, 93% of graduates pass the Praxis exam on their first attempt, well above the 46% national average pass rate of first-time test takers. But despite the high pass rate of our graduates, we know that taking the Praxis test can feel overwhelming or intimidating, especially for candidates that are outside of the United States. The availability of free Praxis practice tests and discounted preparation services will allow our candidates and alumni to feel confident and prepared as they sit for exams.  

Moreland candidates, alumni, and prospective candidates can reach out to their admissions counselor or our support team for more information on accessing test preparation services from Teachers Test Prep. If you are considering pursuing a U.S. teaching certification and would like to learn more about the requirements and how Moreland University can support you, join us for an upcoming info session

Did you know that you can take Praxis exams from outside of the United States? Learn more about where to take your Praxis test here 

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