Supporting Districts
Through Innovative

Enhancing educator effectiveness. Improving student outcomes. Solving for certification gaps.

Implement instructional best practices and drive student engagement in real-time for immediate impact.

Minimize the strain on your budget while supporting teachers through certification.

Our team is highly attentive and focused on your district’s specific needs.

96% first-time pass rate on state license exams.

Retain educators effectively; 88% of our graduates expect to be teaching in 5 years.

Programs are designed to improve student learning outcomes.

Advance Staff Skills

Teacher certification program to earn state licensure.

Unlock Opportunities

Accredited degrees in educational leadership, curriculum, tech and more.

Stay Ahead

Targeted workshops and coaching for ongoing educator growth.

Understand district needs for tailored planning.

Focused plan development for immediate and long-term goals.

Educators dive in with consistent support.

Data-driven assessment to optimize future outcomes.

“I have found Moreland’s program to be rigorous and the curriculum holds a high standard for our teachers to be effectively prepared to enter the classroom. All the staff at Moreland have been collaborative and very easy with whom to work. We have regular meetings to assess progress and provide information sessions to our educators. The Moreland staff is timely in their communications and very responsive to our needs.”

-Brittany Mackel, Instructional Specialist, Montgomery County Public Schools in Maryland

Retention Rate

Teacher Enrollments

School Partners

Example retention rate from one large school district in the state of Maryland

Teachers in partner districts enrolled with Moreland University seeking state teacher certification.

Number of districts or charter schools partnering with Moreland University across MD, WA, AZ, GA, and DC.

Why should our district partner with Moreland University?

Moreland University partners with districts of all sizes to support certification preparation for emergency certified teachers, as well as continuing education in the form of Master Degrees for teachers expanding their expertise and career pathways. For districts with emergency certified teachers, Moreland represents a trusted partner to support your staff through certification. Our flagship TEACH-NOW Teacher Preparation Certificate Program can be completed in 9 months – within one school year – and educators participate entirely online, offering a flexible learning experience to support busy classroom teachers.

What programs do you offer for districts?

We offer the TEACH-NOW Teacher Preparation Certificate Program as well as our master’s degree programs for districts.
We work with districts individually to align our offers to the needs of your district.

What kind of support can districts expect?

Our district partners receive the support of a dedicated Partner Success Coordinator, who will work with you to share Moreland University with your teachers through information sessions, emails, flyers, attending district events, and more. We are here to help your teachers apply, enroll, and successfully complete the program!

In addition to a dedicated Partner Success Coordinator, each of your teachers who enroll at Moreland will receive the support of a program manager to ensure success throughout the program, as well as hands on support from our faculty members, clinical practice coordinators, and their cohort peers.

What are the costs involved?

Our TEACH-NOW Teacher Preparation Certificate Program costs $6500 USD. Discounts may be available, please speak with our team to learn more!