TEACH-NOW’s cohort based model allows candidates to learning from each other and mentors. Our program includes one weekly virtual class and asynchronous components geared toward facilitating collaborative learning for candidates and ensuring they are well-supported to teach effectively in modern classrooms with integrated digital technologies.

Our Candidate’s Confidence

Explore how the TEACH-NOW online teaching certification program has tangibly improved candidates’ teaching skills, from subject matter expertise to time management

Candidate reported. Before Moreland University’s TEACH-NOW vs After TEACH-NOW (in %)010203040506070Ability to teach the subject matterAssesing student learningClassroom ManagementUsing Technology in instructionAbility to manage timeBefore TEACH-NOWAfter TEACH-NOW

Candidate reported. Before Moreland University’s TEACH-NOW vs After TEACH-NOW (in %)

PRAXIS® Score Comparison

Our TEACH-NOW candidates don’t just meet the standard; they often exceed it, especially in key exams like the 5622 Principles of Learning & Teaching. This is a testament to our program’s effectiveness in shaping well-rounded educators who excel in both theory and practice.

Teach-Now 2PercentileScore20%40%60%80%160165170175180185190All Test Takers (U.S and Worldwide)TEACH-NOW Candidates

SY 2021-2022 | All n-8,502 TN n=137

Teach-Now 3PercentileScore20%40%60%80%160165170175180185190All Test Takers (U.S and Worldwide)TEACH-NOW Candidates

SY 2021-2022 | All n-8,502 TN n=137

Teach-Now 4PercentileScore20%40%60%80%160165170175180185190All Test Takers (U.S and Worldwide)TEACH-NOW Candidates

SY 2021-2022 | All n-8,502 TN n=137

Graduates Who Attain Employment Milestones

Our alumni don't just stop at becoming better teachers; they move up the career ladder, earn more, and even garner awards for outstanding teaching.


Increase in Pay

Award for Outstanding Teaching

Given a Leadership Opportunity

Alumni Reported. Alumni Survey (2020)

We are proud to support a growing community of educators around the world.

"Moreland University helped me become a professional teacher from an education novice, stimulated my thinking ability and lifelong learning ability, and fed back to every student I love."

Wang Jiangli, China, TEACH-NOW Graduate 2023

How does TEACH-NOW affect my ability to manage a classroom?

Our program includes specialized modules on classroom management and time management, helping you develop practical skills for a smoother, more effective teaching experience. During clinical practice, you will have the opportunity to apply these skills with the support of a mentor teacher.

What is the PRAXIS® Score Comparison?

The PRAXIS® Score Comparison provides data on how our TEACH-NOW candidates perform on the PRAXIS® exams, compared to all test takers. Our candidates consistently perform well, especially in areas like Principles of Learning & Teaching.

Will TEACH-NOW help me achieve career milestones?

Our alumni have successfully achieved career milestones such as promotions, pay increases, and leadership opportunities after completing the program.

Is TEACH-NOW an accredited program?

Yes, TEACH-NOW is an accredited program. Learn more about our accreditation.

How do I know if TEACH-NOW is the right fit for me?

TEACH-NOW offers an initial consultation with an admissions representative to discuss your educational goals and career objectives, helping you assess whether the program aligns with your needs. If you hold a Bachelor’s degree and are interested in pursuing your teaching certification from a U.S. state, the TEACH-NOW program may be just what you are looking for. Connect with our team to set up your initial consultation.


Can international students enroll in TEACH-NOW?

Absolutely, our global cohort model not only welcomes aspiring educators from around the world but also equips them with the skills to teach in diverse educational settings globally. We have served candidates in over 165 countries and partner with international school networks and recruiters.

What type of ongoing support does TEACH-NOW offer after program completion?

Our commitment to your success doesn’t end upon graduation. TEACH-NOW offers continuous learning opportunities and a robust alumni network to help you in your teaching career. You are also always able to return to Moreland and complete additional graduate coursework to earn a full Master’s in Education degree, as the TEACH-NOW program consists of 24 graduate credits towards a Master’s in Education degree.

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