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Earn your teaching credential online,
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Moreland University empowers you to teach anywhere in the world through innovative online programs. Apply now for our teacher preparation certificate program or master’s degree in education and prepare for your teaching certification.

Our Mission & Philosophy

Learn in the way you plan to teach.

Teaching teachers around the world to be resourceful problem solvers and tech-savvy educators through an online, collaborative, activity-based learning system designed for tomorrow’s students in a dynamic and diverse world.

Our Approach

Moreland University is built on a highly interactive, collaborative, online learning platform.

At Moreland University, the learning experience is primarily virtual, and utilizes a state-of-the-art curriculum for the preparation of post-baccalaureate candidates who are grounded in subject matter and have a passion for teaching.

Moreland University utilizes online program content, early field experiences in schools, clinical practice in schools, and program assessments and evaluation strategies that have been developed by experts.

In each of our programs, an instructor from our expert faculty works with 10-15 candidates, forming a learning cohort, to complete learning modules that include instruction, videos, readings, and aligned activities.

Our Success

Top-tier retention and graduation rates

Our retention rate across all programs of 92%, representing 91% of certification candidates and 95% of Master’s candidates. We invite you to see how we compare against other programs nationally at the National Center for Education Statistics (2020 data).

Why Choose Moreland University?

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Globally-Minded and Rigorous

Moreland University programs deliver quality instruction with a global perspective, allowing teachers to take their careers to the next step, and to any destination

Affordable and Flexible

The Moreland University model combines rigor with affordability and flexibility. Candidates are able to take ownership of their educational experience while being supported in a dynamic learning community.

Innovative and Collaborative

The Moreland University learning model was designed from the ground up with the needs of educators in mind. Combining a collaborative approach to learning within an activities-based framework, program content is shaped and delivered in the ways teachers themselves say they learn best.

100% Online

All our Master’s programs are delivered entirely online, incorporating synchronous virtual classrooms, complemented by a series of asynchronous collaborative activities, all led, monitored and evaluated by one of our highly-qualified instructors.

Our Commitment


Promoting passion for the profession of teaching.

Promoting passion for teaching begins with understanding the changing needs of the profession and doing something about it. We’ve been at the forefront of innovation in teacher education as one of the first online global teacher education programs and the only program with a cohort model where candidates can learn from and with each other as much as from instructors.


Creating the future of higher education.

Prepping teachers to succeed begins with showing them the problems that will arise in the classroom before they ever step into it (virtually or physically) and guiding them through the process of meeting those challenges. Moreland University offers a truly revolutionary online learning experience to prepare new and seasoned teachers for certification and advanced degrees in education.


Teaching beyond borders and around the world.

Now more than ever, teachers need bridges to teaching, not barriers. Our teacher certification program is purposely built for the diverse journeys of teachers anywhere in the world. We are committed to equipping, enabling, and empowering teachers, no matter where they are, to design and implement innovative learning solutions. Globally recognized, and accredited by CAEP and DEAC, TEACH-NOW® is a unique and effective online teacher preparation program.


Empowering teachers to be resourceful.

The profession of teaching has been upended by the pandemic. Most teachers were not prepared for teaching in any environment other than face-to-face in a classroom filled with students. At Moreland University, we deliver real world experiences to help you prepare for the future of education and learn how to use next-generation tools and technologies for teaching and learning. Teachers in our program work in cohorts with other practitioners from around the world on actual problems of practice and developing cutting edge solutions.


Hear from our students and graduates. We are proud to support a growing community of educators around the world. Take a look at what our students say about Moreland University.


We work with excellent education partners and communities. Moreland University is proud to work with a group of established partner communities to offer our programs in ways that meet the specific needs of those communities.

Earn your education degree online.
Teach anywhere in the world.

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