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QTS vs. U.S. Teaching License


Embarking on a career in education is a noble and rewarding journey, one that often begins with the pursuit of a teaching license. Across the globe, aspiring educators have the option to obtain teaching credentials through various avenues, each tailored to the specific requirements and standards of their respective countries. In the United Kingdom, the Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) stands as a traditional approach to teacher certification. However, in the United States, the path to becoming a certified teacher offers an exceptional array of opportunities and flexibility.

Obtaining a U.S. teaching license opens up a world of opportunities for educators with a passion for making a global impact. Teaching with a U.S. teaching license not only equips individuals with a comprehensive foundation but also offers a multitude of advantages when venturing into international teaching roles.

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QTS and U.S. teaching license similarities

Both the United Kingdom and the United States require teachers to be certified to teach in public or government-funded schools. Each route to certification emphasizes the importance of strong teaching skills and practical experience, preparing educators to meet the needs of students from various backgrounds. These certifications demonstrate a commitment to professional growth and maintaining high teaching standards, which is crucial for success in international teaching environments where adaptability is essential.

QTS in the UK

QTS (Qualified Teaching Status) is  the official teaching license issued by the British government. It is a mandatory requirement for teaching in all public schools. Teachers educated outside the UK may be allowed to teach for up to four years before officially obtaining QTS. The UK offers multiple pathways to apply for QTS, including online applications, assessment-only routes, teacher training in England, or international Qualified Teacher Status. These pathways cater to individuals with diverse educational backgrounds and ensure that qualified teachers are able to join the teaching profession.

Benefits of earning your U.S. teaching license

For educators with a passion for teaching and a desire to work internationally, the choice between earning a U.S. teaching license and a Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) can be a pivotal one. Both certifications hold significant value, but there are distinct advantages to obtaining a U.S. teaching license.

1. Global recognition and versatility

One of the primary advantages of holding a U.S. teaching license is its global recognition. The United States is renowned for its rigorous teacher education programs and standards, which are often held in high regard by international schools and institutions. Many international schools actively seek educators with U.S. teaching licenses due to the comprehensive training associated with these qualifications.

2. Diverse curriculum and specializations

Earning a U.S. teaching license offers a wide array of specialization options. Moreland University’s master’s in education degree programs provide flexibility for educators to specialize in areas such as early childhood education, special education, teaching multilingual learners, and more. This diverse curriculum ensures that teachers are well-equipped to address the unique needs of international students, who come from various cultural and academic backgrounds.

3. Pedagogical expertise and classroom management

U.S. teacher preparation programs emphasize practical teaching methods, classroom management strategies, and differentiated instruction. These skills are invaluable when teaching in diverse classrooms, as is often the case in international schools. Educators with U.S. teaching licenses are well-prepared to adapt their teaching styles to meet the needs of culturally diverse student populations and create inclusive learning environments.

4. Competitive compensation and benefits

Many international schools offer benefits such as housing allowances, increased compensation incentives, healthcare coverage, and professional development opportunities to licensed U.S. teachers.

5. Opportunities for career advancement

With a U.S. teaching license, international educators have enhanced opportunities for career advancement. They can pursue leadership roles such as department head, curriculum coordinator, or school administrator. Many international schools prefer candidates with U.S. teaching licenses for these positions due to the demonstrated commitment to education that these licenses represent.

For detailed steps for earning your U.S. teaching license, download Moreland University’s U.S. Guide to Teacher Certification.

Why choose Moreland University for earning your teaching license

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Moreland University is backed by a team of experienced educators who understand the unique challenges and opportunities of teaching internationally. Their expertise not only ensures that you receive a high-quality education but also equips you with the practical skills needed to thrive in diverse teaching environments. By choosing Moreland University, you’re not just earning a U.S. teaching license; you’re joining a supportive global community of educators dedicated to making a positive impact on the world through education.

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