Spotlight - Suzanne Marie - Moreland Graduate - M.Ed. Teaching Multilingual Learners - Quote: This program would've made my life so much easier had I taken it sooner in my teaching career.

Graduate of Moreland University’s MED Program Suzanne Marie and Multilingual Learning

| by Moreland University


“This program would’ve made my life so much easier had I taken it sooner in my teaching career.”

Suzanne Marie is a recent graduate of Moreland University, with a master’s degree specializing in multilingual learning. We spoke with her about her experience at Moreland and her takeaways on best practices for multilingual teachers.

Suzanne began her career originally wanting to work in the field of criminal justice. As a takeaway from her experiences working in the youth criminal justice system, she realized she wanted to be on the preventative side of the justice system. Suzanne always had a love of children and was eager to get into the classroom. So, she moved to Beijing in 2019 with the intention of becoming a classroom teacher. When the pandemic began, it focused Suzanne’s attention even further on her career path as an educator. She enrolled at Moreland University to focus on deepening her expertise with multilingual learners.

“Moreland changed my life,” she recently told us. “It changed my teaching practice. It changed how I look at my students in terms of their learning goals.”

Her biggest takeaway from her master’s program are the resources and tools she learned to help empower students. “When students are a part of the solution, they then become the ambassadors to manage it.”

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