How to Become a Teacher in Georgia


To become a teacher in Georgia you will need to complete an approved teacher preparation program and pass relevant content assessments.

For both experienced teachers transferring from another state and new teachers already at home in Georgia, understanding how to become a teacher in Georgia can be an intimidating process. 

If you are considering becoming a teacher in Georgia, you should take time to understand the education certification requirements of your state in order to pick the best program for you. 

It’s also important to remember that requirements may change, and the best place to get information is always the official state website (

Education Requirements

All teachers in Georgia are required to have at least a bachelor’s degree. While your undergraduate degree does not need to be in education or a related field, Georgia requires an accredited teacher preparation program to qualify for certification. If you obtained a bachelor’s degree in a subject other than education you can pursue a master’s degree or a certification-only program to meet coursework requirements. These programs prepare you to be successful in the classroom and provide Clinical Practice experience.

If you have not yet completed your bachelor’s degree you can see a list of approved programs to obtain a bachelor’s degree on the GaPSC website. It’s important to note that the approved programs listed on the GaPSC website are all in-state programs. While you may need to pass additional content assessments and provide proof of certification, out-of-state programs are still accepted for Georgia state certification.

Content Assessments

To become a teacher in Georgia, all educators applying for certification must pass a content assessment. The content assessments, known as GACE, are state-administered assessments that are meant to ensure that you possess the basic knowledge needed to teach a specific subject.

You may be exempt from taking a content assessment in Georgia if you have worked for 5 years in the field of certification or if you have taken a comparable content assessment (and passed) in another state. However, The Georgia Professional Standards Commission has the final say to approve/reject a content assessment from another state.

Moreland University’s candidate support team will help you determine which assessment you need and make sure that you feel prepared to take the necessary assessment.

Student Teaching

All teachers seeking certification in the state of Georgia must have student teaching time, whether you are pursuing a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or certificate-only program.

Moreland will help facilitate student teaching for all of our programs. While we typically allow candidates to find and select their own student teaching placement, we can provide resources to help you find placement when needed.

Georgia Certification

Once you have completed the necessary coursework, student teaching, and/or content assessments you will be ready to apply for your Georgia Teaching Certification.

There are three types of certifications you can obtain to become a teacher in Georgia. Eligibility for specific certifications is based on experience level.

  • Provisional Certificate: You have been hired to teach and are pursuing education/certification while you teach. Only valid for 3 years and is not eligible for renewal.
  • Induction Certificate: You have less than 3 years of teaching experience.
  • Professional Certificate: You have more than 3 years of teaching experience.

Reciprocity and Out-of-State Education

Teaching reciprocity allows for teachers with certification to apply for similar licensure in a new state. If you are unsure if you are eligible to teach in the state of Georgia you can find more information here

Learn more about becoming a teacher with Moreland University: Complete a request for information and our team will be in touch within 24 hours.

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