Data Shows Moreland University Stands Out in First Time Praxis Examination Scores


Recent data shows Moreland University Praxis examination scores are higher on average than that of the national average as illustrated in several internal data studies in addition to the July 2021 report by the NCTQ analyzed Praxis scores from institutions across the U.S. for their effectiveness in preparing students to successfully pass the Praxis Elementary Content Teacher Licensure exams. The data reviewed in the report was collected between 2015 and 2018, and it reviewed the Praxis scores of students from across the country.  Praxis scores from the D.C. area during this time period show that Moreland students demonstrated a 71% first-time test pass rate. Moreland students’ scores, compared to the first-time test pass rates across all D.C. institutions included in the study, exceed the state average by 12 percentile points. According to data collected by Fair Chance (2019), the national average for first-time Praxis test takers (across all tests) is 46%.

This news is exciting and highlights the effectiveness of Moreland’s program, but there is even better news to share. Moreland recently reviewed its Praxis score data from 2018 –2021 to determine the effectiveness of the program. During this time period, Moreland students took over 2,000 Praxis exams in multiple content areas. The data indicates that over all subject areas and grade levels, the first-time test pass rate across all subject areas on these exams is at 93%. Additionally, in the area of Principles of Learning and Teaching K-6 and Principles of Learning and Teaching 7-12, 276 exams were taken, and the pass rate on these tests was 100%.

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