Inclusive Education in the AI Era: Supporting Students with Special Needs in 2023-24 and Beyond

Date: Tuesday, April 25

Time: 07:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)


In this webinar, expert educators from Moreland University explore what special education teachers and educators supporting students with special needs need to be prepared for in the coming school year and beyond. With the increased focus on equity, diversity, and inclusion in the classroom, as well as the integration of artificial intelligence into education, educators must engage in their own professional learning to effectively support students with diverse needs and ability levels.

Dr. Lynn Beal, Dr. Jessica Blas, and Dr. Robin Harwick are faculty members from Moreland University’s Master’s Degree in Education (M.Ed.) with Special Education focus. They come together in this webinar to discuss best practices to support students with special needs in the changing environment of educational technology by sharing strategies for educators to create an inclusive learning environment. Joseph A. Pearson, M.S.Ed., the professional development specialist for Moreland University, moderates this discussion and provides information about the M.Ed. Special Education program and how it enhances educators’ ability to support students with diverse needs.

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