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Making a Career Change to Teaching: Moreland University Graduate Janie Mabe’s Advice

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“If I could do anything to improve the quantity of teachers in the classroom, I know it would make a difference.”

We recently spoke with Moreland University graduate Janie Mabe, from Virginia, USA and  learned about her journey to change careers and become a teacher. Janie reflected on her career in tech prior to pursuing one in education. She has served in many different roles over her decades-long career in tech, ranging from a cybersecurity instructor to a government contractor. She noted that one common theme was always present: “I have been a teacher or technical instructor no matter what I was doing in my career. Part of my job has always been teaching.”

Like many pursuing their online teaching certification, Janie’s career change was inspired by her passion to make a difference: “I would like to be in a position to be able to positively change and modify the educational environment.” She notes that the driving force to pursuing her online teaching certification was being able to enter the profession at a time when the need for teachers was monumental.


Janie’s Journey at Moreland University.

One of Janie’s initial obstacles to obtaining her teaching certificate was realizing how much the classroom environment has evolved over the last few decades. Technology in the classroom altered the landscape of teaching, and Janie knew she needed the proper training to adapt to a 21st century classroom model.

After working with adult learners in her various roles in the tech industry, Janie wanted to learn best practices, modern technology, and classroom management skills for K-12 classrooms. This led Janie to enroll in Moreland University’s TEACH-NOW online teacher preparation program.

When reflecting on how Moreland University’s TEACH-NOW teacher preparation program has affected her classroom best practices, Janie shared “It has given me a lot of inside knowledge about what it means to be an effective teacher.”  

Janie graduated from the TEACH-NOW program in 2022 and earned her teaching certification in Virginia, USA. If you’re like Janie and are exploring transitioning to a new career as a teacher, take the next step toward certification with Moreland University.

Learn more about how we can help you prepare to earn your U.S. teaching certification and start your career in the classroom.

Moreland University Candidate Spotlight — Janie Mabe

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