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Earn your Master’s in Education—and your U.S. teaching certification at the same time*—with the online graduate program recognized worldwide for its evidence-based instructional approach and innovative practices.

*U.S. Teaching Preparation Certification of Completion is optional and not included in all Moreland University Master’s programs.

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Advance your career, strengthen your education credentials or pursue an area of specialization today– and make a meaningful impact on education tomorrow. Developed by educators exclusively for educators, Moreland University's focused one-year Master's Degrees programs empower you with the research-based knowledge and innovative tools to make a difference. Whether you have classroom experience or feel inspired to change to a rewarding career as an educator, Moreland University offers a streamlined graduate program to take you where you want to go.

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Upgrade your credentials
in just one year

Our accelerated programs take only 12
months to complete, allowing you to
move to the next phase of your career
without multiple years of study.

Complete all coursework
100% online
Gain the convenience of virtual learning without losing human interaction. Engage with other teaching candidates on collaborative assignments and receive input from highly qualified instructors.

Flex your professional development
to meet your schedule

Take ownership of your educational
experience and begin your Master's
degree when the time is right with our
rolling, monthly admissions.

Benefit from rigorous courses
and wraparound support

Our programs have the highest
graduation and pass rates. 95% of
Master's degree candidates graduate
from Moreland. 95% of graduates who
take the PRAXIS test pass the first time.

Expand your network through our
diverse learning community

Discuss best practices in education
from a global perspective with
educators from over 165 countries.
Build international connections while
preparing yourself to teach in any place
you feel inspired to teach.

Moreland University: Empowering educators to shape educational outcomes one classroom at a time

Begin shaping your future now—12-month accelerated program with flexible start dates

  • With flexible start dates, you can begin when the time is right for you - whether that’s June to June or September to September or something in-between.
  • From start to finish you’ll complete your Master's in Education with Moreland University in one year with our rigorous, fast-paced courses.
  • Contact your Admissions Representative for upcoming start dates and enrollment information.

"Moreland provides a very cutting-edge experience. It’s a flipped classroom model, not a traditional program. It focuses on best practices, the cutting-edge research and educational technology."

— Kim G., Moreland graduate

Shaping success

Learn from evidence-based, effective models of
instruction and thought-leaders in education

The Moreland University learning model was designed from
the ground up to address the evolving needs of educators in
today's classrooms worldwide.

  • A collaborative approach to learning within an
    activities-based framework emphasizes best practices for
    learning that can be reapplied in your own classroom.
  • We equip you with the knowledge and tools to prompt positive change in education. Recent graduates express enthusiasm about transforming classrooms with the skills learned at Moreland.

"I loved that Moreland allowed me to take my education and make it fit my needs."

— Nicole P., Master's in Education and TEACH-NOW® graduate

Shaping leaders

Moreland faculty model a progressive approach to
education, preparing you to make a lasting impact.

  • Our faculty members understand the complexities of today's classrooms and actively contribute and advance their areas of specialty as district leaders, lead teachers, and coaches.

"I love working with educators all over the world to foster student-centered learning environments and empower teachers with innovative best practices!”

— Lili J. TEACH-NOW® faculty member

Shaping educational outcomes

Our program equips you with the ability to adapt to
changing education demands.

  • You spend at least one-third of your time in clinical practice, teaching real students or working with respected educational professionals.
  • School administrators rank Moreland graduates as highly effective in the classroom.
  • 88% of Moreland graduates expect to be teaching or working in education for at least the next five years.

“One of the key things I learned at Moreland University was to pare down what students will learn and then figure out how you can best meet those learning needs or expectations for that student."

— Suzanne M., Master's in Education, TEACH-NOW® graduate

Shaping professional connections

Broaden your opportunities through a diverse learning community.

  • Moreland University brings the benefits of the collaborative classroom online with our unique cohort learning model.
  • With educators from 165 countries, your cohort learning communities of 10 to 15 aspiring and practicing educators learn, grow and discuss best practices in education from a global perspective. You’ll be prepared for a role in education any place you feel inspired to teach.
  • Through our cohort model and global alumni network, you connect with thousands of passionate educators who share your vision and drive, providing you with opportunities to collaborate and impact education worldwide.

“Through Moreland University I have been able to create a unique and very strong support system… anywhere in the world."

— Natalie G., Master's in Leadership in Education

Choose your Master’s program. Earn U.S.-recognized credentials.

Shape your future.

Master of Education (M.Ed.)

+ Teacher Certification Preparation

Establish your career in education by earning the right credentials from our globally recognized programs. Choose one specialty area for your Master’s degree and immerse yourself for 12 months in content proven to positively impact the classroom. As part of your degree, you'll work with a cohort of 10-15 aspiring and experienced educational professionals from around the world. You’ll share insights and experiences to transform education wherever you end up teaching. Courses also cover the material required by the TEACH-NOW® Teacher Preparation Certificate Program, providing you with the necessary coursework to apply for a U.S. state teaching license.

Choose your area of impact: 

  • Globalization in Education
  • Education Research
  • Teaching Multilingual Learners
  • Special Education
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Educational Technology

“I've become a 21st century teacher. I'm techno savvy and I know that learning is not the same for everyone."

- Sbahle M., Master's in Education candidate 

Have you already started or completed the TEACH-NOW® Teacher Preparation Certificate Program?

Find out how you can earn your Master's in Education at an accelerated rate here. Our rolling admissions make it easy to join the program when the time is right for you.

Master’s in Educational Leadership (M.Ed. only)

With two years of teaching experience, you can further your role as an educational leader in the U.S. or abroad in our Master’s in Educational Leadership program. Become an expert of best practices in education through course content built around the Professional Standard for Education Leaders (PSFL) developed by the National Policy Board for Educational Administration. A 15-week extensive internship within this one-year program provides real-world opportunities to learn from those who are actively engaged in transformational leadership. 

Master of Globalization and Education Research (M.Ed. only)

Stay on the forefront of educational trends to impact today’s classroom and shape tomorrow’s. With a Master’s in Globalization and Education Research, you will advance your knowledge on the science of learning. You will innovate effective teaching methods to inspire learning and champion change. Throughout this 12-month program, you and your international cohort will work as a community to reimagine what classroom learning looks like – no matter where that classroom exists.

Choose Moreland University: Where education takes shape.

You’re ready to shape your future as an educator and advocate for tomorrow’s classroom. A globally recognized Master’s degree from Moreland University will help you open doors to a brighter future in classrooms around the world.

"The program itself is challenging. It is fairly intensive. But it's honestly worth it, because things that I learned in the program helped me become a better teacher."

—Sunny, TEACH-NOW® graduate

Learning made affordable: The Moreland Promise.

Priced right for educators, Moreland's tuition includes all materials with no hidden book or technology fees. Add a Master’s degree to your credentials, prepare for Teacher Certification or earn both.

Invest in your professional future and prepare to make a bolder impact in education.

  • $14,000* for the M.Ed. programs
  • $14,500* for the Master’s in Globalization and Educational Research program only
  • $2,000* initial payment and twelve (12) monthly payments of $1,000.
  • $200* non-refundable registration fee is included.
  • Read our Refund Policy for details.

*U.S. currency

Prepare to reshape the world

Admission requirements for Moreland University Master’s in Education degrees

We welcome educators from around the world whether you have classroom experience and desire an advanced degree or want to earn a U.S. state teaching license. Prospective candidates must meet the following requirements to be eligible for admission to the master’s degree programs:

  • Bachelor’s degree (or higher). A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree is required. Submit your official baccalaureate degree transcripts with your application. See special notes on official transcripts here.
  • 3.0 GPA. We seek a GPA (Grade Point Average) of 3.0 or higher, or equivalent experience.
  • Writing Sample. Discuss your interest in education, reasons for choosing Moreland University, and what you hope to learn in this program. Minimum 200 words required for this writing sample to be valid.
  • English language proficiency. If English is a secondary language for you, we recommend testing your proficiency with the Duolingo English Proficiency Test. A score over 90 indicates proficiency at a level that will help you succeed at Moreland University.
  • Government-Issued Photo ID. A copy of your government-issued photo ID is required with your application.

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