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What Our Students are Saying

“Moreland University helped me become a professional teacher from an education novice, stimulated my thinking ability and lifelong learning ability, and fed back to every student I love.”

Wang Jiangli, China, TEACH-NOW Graduate 2023

“I recently completed the Teacher Preparation Certification course at Moreland University, which offers a comprehensive curriculum that encouraged me to reflect on and refine my teaching strategies. With over 25 years in education, I was pleasantly surprised to learn about new and effective teaching strategies like entry routines, brain breaks, and the significance of SEL. The integration of the InTASC standards was particularly valuable, allowing me to refresh my teaching methodologies. One highlight of my experience was the opportunity to interact with various instructors and partake in Clinical Practice. The structure and flexibility of our CP instructor was instrumental in enhancing our learning experience.”

Ajey Balaji Vemulapadu, Switzerland, TEACH-NOW and Master’s in Education Graduate 2023

“I would prefer Moreland University, because it provides lots of opportunity to learn from teachers across globe. Its a excellent platform to get updated with the latest technologies used in teaching. The online seminar were very useful to know how to make learning fun and teaching more ethical and innovative.”

Jeevitha Gopalakrishnan, South Korea, TEACH-NOW Graduate 2023

“A friend and member of the Moreland student community suggested the Moreland teacher certification program, and I’m glad I enrolled. From start to finish, it lived up to everything he praised and more: the engaging classwork, dedicated teachers, valuable practicum, and supportive staff. As a recent program graduate, I wholeheartedly recommend enrolling in the program to you. You’ll be glad you did.”

John Baker, TEACH-NOW Graduate 2023

“Education should open the world for someone, and Moreland does that!”

Jason C. (Vietnam), 2023

“The Master’s course in Leadership has indeed led me through a rocky year of uncertainty and I come out the end of it with a much greater awareness and holistic understanding of the many different facets of educational leadership”

Christopher, Master’s in Educational Leadership alumni, Jan 2021

“The value of what I am learning at TEACH-NOW has opened doors for me in instructional coaching, curriculum design and Edtech integration that I will value for many years to come. Most of all, I am becoming the teacher I always wanted to be for my students because of TEACH-NOW!”

Gina H. (USA), 2020

“I’m so pleased to be completing projects that will actually help me when I become an administrator.”

Shandre, Master’s in Educational Leadership

“The close guidance through the program helped me become a better researcher and I learned so much more about self-efficacy for my students through my research topic.”

Jeeseon, Master’s in Educational Research

“I sit here today with a signed contract in front of me for a social science teaching position for an immediate start here in Seattle. The principal told me how impressed she was with how all of my interview answers aligned with Summit’s mission. This is all a result of my work in Moreland’s program.”

Robert Keener, TEACH-NOW® Program Graduate

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