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Online Teacher Certification Program

Earn a teaching license with our unique and effective online teacher preparation program.

TEACH-NOW® Teacher Preparation Certificate Program

Program Overview

Earn your teaching license online, and teach anywhere in the world.

The goal for our TEACH-NOW® online teaching certification program is to equip, enable, and empower teachers to go into any learning environment, anywhere in the world, and diagnose where each learner is coming from, to design and implement learning experiences to ensure that every student learns, grows, and develops.

Join our TEACH-NOW® online teaching certification program to be able to apply for a U.S. state teaching license. The program takes only 9 months to complete, with a rigorous teaching practicum included in your final 12 weeks, integrating weekly virtual classes with teaching in a school and working with a mentor teacher.



The tuition rate includes a non-refundable registration fee of $200, required at the time of enrollment. There is no fee to apply. Speak with an admissions counselor to learn about our payment plan options. Refund Policy.


9 months

Start Date

Every month. Admissions Requirements.

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Program Modules


Program Orientation
Meet your cohort to explore online collaboration tools, and get ready to discuss ways to work with each other during the program.


The Culture of Schooling
Understand the big picture view of teaching and learning, analyze student diversity, and discuss strategies to personalize instruction.


The Learner & Learning in the Digital Age
Understand the student learner, design and create student-centered learning experiences through innovative tools and strategies.


Managing the Learning Environment
Learn how to effectively manage class time and student work through procedures and transitions that help students learn, develop and grow.


Student Assessments
Understand curriculum planning, determine ways to track and monitor student progress, gather and analyze data to inform instruction, differentiation and student grouping.


Planning & Preparation for Learning
Learn and practice skills in curriculum mapping, unit and lesson planning to use during the clinical practice portion of the program.


Introduction to Clinical Practice
Review the evaluation procedure, prepare lessons for the first week of teaching in the classroom and review strategies for managing the learning environment.


Teacher Practice & Proficiency
A 12 week clinical practice where candidates work in a classroom with a mentor teacher and engage in reflective and collaborative teaching practice with their cohort.

Admission Requirements

TEACH-NOW® Teacher Preparation Certificate Program

Prospective candidates must meet the following requirements to be eligible for admission to the TEACH-NOW® Online Teacher Preparation Certificate program:

  • Bachelor’s degree (or higher). A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree is required. Official baccalaureate degree transcripts are due at the time of application.
  • Minimum GPA of a 3.0 from bachelor’s degree (or) meet the threshold for GPA exception which includes any of the following options:
    • Two or more years of teaching experience
    • A completed master’s degree or higher
    • A letter of recommendation attesting to academic integrity
    • A degree conferred more than 10 years ago
  • Transcript Evaluation (for non-US baccalaureate degrees): Transcript Evaluation is due at the time of enrollment for TEACH-NOW®. For applicants whose baccalaureate degree was obtained outside the United States or its territories, you will need to have your official baccalaureate degree transcript evaluated. Please see the note below on Transcript Evaluation and Translation.
  • Two or more years of teaching experience
  • English language proficiency, if needed can be evidenced through a number of proficiency assessments. We recommend the Duolingo English Proficiency Test with a score over 90 indicating proficiency.
  • Government-Issued Photo ID: We require a government-issued photo ID with your application submission.

View Florida-specific requirements.

Official Transcripts

Official transcripts are documents that are produced by a college or university’s Office of the Registrar (or similar), and must be ordered according to the instructions provided by the university.

Whether issued as secure .pdf documents, via a third party (such as National Student Clearinghouse, or Parchment), or printed on blue tamper proof security paper, official transcripts are important to third parties so that they can be assured of authenticity (originating directly from the university) and content accuracy. Official transcripts are usually issued in portrait format, and contain the seal of the university and the signature of the University Registrar.

(For Non-US Baccalaureate Degrees) Transcript Evaluation and Translation

For those candidates seeking a U.S. teaching license upon completion of the Teach-Now Certification Program, please note that as part of your application for a U.S. state-issued teaching license, you will need to have your official baccalaureate degree transcript from non-U.S. institutions evaluated for educational equivalence to a U.S. 4-year baccalaureate degree.  This course by course evaluation can be conducted by a National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) member agency.  This evaluation should be requested from a NACES member agency at the time of application.

See www.naces.org for a list of current NACES member agencies that can conduct a course by course transcript evaluation and/or provide translation services.  We have partnerships with 3 NACES approved agencies to streamline the evaluation process.

We provide detailed Information and instructions on finding a credential evaluation service and offer answers to questions regarding transcript evaluations.

online teacher preparation program

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The Moreland Difference

Our Candidates’ Competence

Bar chart comparing various teacher competencies before and after completing the Teach-Now teacher preparation program
Candidate reported. Before Moreland University’s TEACH-NOW vs After TEACH-NOW (in %)

PRAXIS® Score Comparison

See how well our teacher preparation candidates perform on these PRAXIS® exams:

5622 Principles of Learning & Teaching, Grades K to 6

PRAXIS exam scores principles of learning and teaching grades K-6 nationally compared to scores from TEACH-NOW graduates
July 2019 to July 2020 | All n=8,502 TN n=137

5623 Principles of Learning & Teaching, Grades 5 to 9

PRAXIS exam scores principles of learning and teaching grades 5-9 nationally compared to scores from TEACH-NOW graduates
July 2019 to July 2020 | All n=1,490 TN n=36

5264 Principles of Learning & Teaching, Grades 7 to 12

PRAXIS exam scores principles of learning and teaching grades 7-12 nationally compared to scores from TEACH-NOW graduates
July 2019 to July 2020 | All n=7,624 TN n=147

Graduates Who Attain Employment Milestones After Our Program

Our alumni are successful in reaching key employment milestones after completing our programs:

How completing a teacher preparation program with Moreland Univrsity can help teachers achieve employment milestones
Alumni Reported. Alumni Survey (2020)


Hear more from our graduates about their experience here.

“The value of what I am learning at TEACH-NOW has opened doors for me in instructional coaching, curriculum design and Edtech integration that I will value for many years to come. Most of all, I am becoming the teacher I always wanted to be for my students because of TEACH-NOW!”

Gina H. (USA), 2020

“I sit here today with a signed contract in front of me for a social science teaching position for an immediate start here in Seattle. The principal told me how impressed she was with how all of my interview answers aligned with Summit’s mission. This is all a result of my work in Moreland’s program.”

Robert Keener, TEACH-NOW® Program Graduate

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