Find the Best Teacher Preparation Program for You

Knowing how to find the best teacher preparation program for you can feel challenging. This complimentary guide breaks down what to look for in a teacher preparation program and how to find the best educator preparation program to fit your needs, interests, and goals. 

Discover your right-fit teacher preparation program 

Completing an educator preparation program (EPP) is a key step in the U.S. teacher certification process. But finding the right-fit program for your unique needs and goals can be overwhelming.  

Do you want a program that is online or in person? How much time is required? How can you best balance coursework with your schedule? How do you know what program is right for you when there are so many? 

In this complimentary guide, easily explore the top 10 factors candidates consider when searching for the right teacher preparation program.

You’ll learn:

  • 10 factors to help you evaluate teacher preparation programs and find the right one for you
  • Where to start when evaluating a program 
  • How to tell if an EPP is accepted in the state you’re seeking licensure in 
  • The importance of accreditations and approvals 
  • Why programs with embedded clinical learning (student teaching) can accelerate your U.S. teaching certification process 
  • What program data you need to consider when comparing EPPs 
  • And more!  

Plus, get a quick checklist to help find your right-fit EPP and certification pathway. 

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