Fast Company: TEACH-NOW Founder Recognized Among 100 Most Creative People in Business



Dr. Emily Feistritzer, President and CEO of TEACH-NOW Graduate School of Education, has been recognized as one of 2019’s 100 Most Creative People in Business by Fast Company. The distinction is a recognition that the program she created six years ago has emerged as the fastest growing and most innovative online teacher education platform in the education field.

Dr. Feistritzer, a nationally recognized leader in teacher preparation and a former nun, launched TEACH-NOW in 2013 at the age of 71. Since then, over 2,000 candidates have graduated, with 1,000 currently enrolled from more than 115 countries. The platform is one of the only teacher education programs, physical or online, that is seeing enrollment numbers rise, adding an average of 100 new candidates per month.

According to Fast Company, “Education expert Emily Feistritzer has studied how best to prepare teachers for over 40 years, leading her to testify in front of Congress and state legislatures, brief members of presidential administrations, and now, push for accessibility in education.

“She didn’t like talking at students as the expert and having to plan lessons to dispense knowledge,” the magazine stated. “Rather, she liked collaborative learning for a world where knowledge acquisition is so readily available.”

The cornerstone of TEACH-NOW is “activity-based collaborative learning,” which has the teacher candidates learn by doing collaborative projects online together in cohorts of 10-15 with an instructor.

Dr. Feistritzer called the magazine’s distinction a validation of the program’s singular approach to teacher training. “Our learning environment is producing highly dynamic educators who are prepared to teach tomorrow’s students in tomorrow’s learning world,” she said.

The custom-built learning platform’s unique approach to teacher preparation clears the way for college graduates, veterans and other career-switchers to be certified to teach in the United States and overseas. Its success led to the creation of the TEACH-NOW Graduate School of Education, which enables candidates to earn a Master’s degree in education as well as obtain a teaching license recognized all over the world.

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