Exam Excellence Enrollment Incentive:

Extra Test Prep Support for New

Moreland Enrollees   

Become a fully certified teacher with help from Moreland University and 240 Tutoring   

Teacher certification exams can be intimidating, and Moreland University wants our candidates to feel as confident and prepared as possible on test day. That’s why we’re offering the Exam Excellence Enrollment Incentive to those who enroll in one of our 100% online certification pathways before August 1. This exclusive offer provides additional preparation resources and tailored support through a partnership with 240 Tutoring, ensuring you have the confidence needed to succeed. 

Enroll in the TEACH-NOW Teacher Preparation Certificate Program or Moreland’s Master’s in Education (M.Ed.) before Aug. 1 and you will receive a complimentary credit for certification test preparation with 240 Tutoring to ensure you have all the personalized support and resources you need to succeed. 

Enroll by end of day July 31, 2024

Please review all eligibility requirements before enrolling in a certification pathway. 

Benefit from the Exam Excellence Enrollment Incentive 

Enroll in one of Moreland’s certification pathways between June 18 and July 31, 2024, and receive a credit for 240 Tutoring’s comprehensive test preparation services. This incentive is available for both the TEACH-NOW Teacher Preparation Certificate Program and the Master’s in Education program. 

How 240 Tutoring can help you succeed 

Last year, 50,000 teachers passed their certification exams with support from 240 Tutoring. With your complimentary tutoring credit, you will receive access to: 

  • Personalized study plans: Diagnostic assessments to build a unique study plan tailored to you. 
  • Efficient study paths: Learn with multi-modal content including text, flash cards, quizzes, and videos. 
  • Practice tests: Multiple practice tests that simulate the actual exam experience. 

Why choose Moreland University? 

  • 100% online programs: Complete your certification pathway from anywhere, on your timeline.
  • Flexible start dates: Enroll now and start your program anytime in 2024 thanks to rolling admissions and monthly start dates. 
  • Comprehensive curriculum: Designed to prepare you thoroughly for your teaching career. 

Get started today!

  1. Apply now: Submit your application for the TEACH-NOW Teacher Preparation Certificate Program or the Master’s in Education program
  2. Complete enrollment: Sign the enrollment agreement and make the initial payment before July 31, 2024. 
  3. Receive your credit: Once enrolled, you’ll receive your 240 Tutoring credit by August 15, 2024. 

Apply now or request more information to learn more about Moreland’s certification pathways. Our team is here to support you every step of the way!