Your Georgia Teaching Certification, Your Way: A Pathway from Conditional to Professional Licensure

| by Alex Skov


Educators in Georgia have stepped up to meet the challenge of the teacher shortage. Many have transitioned into education from other careers, teaching under emergency, temporary, or conditional status while dedicating their time and energy to students. 

For those seeking a stable and fulfilling career in education, obtaining a Georgia teaching certification is the next logical step. Fortunately, this can be achieved while maintaining a full-time job and continuing to serve your community. 

Georgia Teaching Certification: The Basics 

In Georgia, there are multiple pathways to teaching certification to accommodate individuals entering the profession through alternative routes.  

These alternative pathways to teacher certification include completing an EPP, such as Moreland University’s 9-month TEACH-NOW Teacher Preparation Certificate Program—a popular choice among conditionally certified educators because of the accelerated timeline, flexible start dates, and 100% online learning format.  

Going from a Georgia conditional teaching certification to a full professional license 

While the process of obtaining full teaching certification in Georgia involves multiple steps, it is easier than it may seem (especially with robust resources from the Georgia Department of Education). The steps to certification, outlined below, ensure Georgia teachers meet the state’s standards to teaching excellence. In addition to these steps, make sure you have completed a background check as required by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission (GaPSC) for all educators in the state. 

Steps to transition from a conditional to full teaching certification in Georgia 

1. Complete an accepted educator preparation program (EPP) 

To obtain your full professional teaching license, you’ll need to complete an accepted EPP to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed as a Georgia educator.  

Moreland University’s TEACH-NOW 9-month preparation program is offered 100% online and trusted by teachers throughout Georgia, the U.S., and abroad. With monthly start dates, a collaborative global cohort learning model, and built-in clinical practice (student teaching) that can be completed in your current classroom, the TEACH-NOW program helps conditionally certified educators successfully navigate the process to full professional licensure and unlock fulfilling careers. 

“TEACH-NOW consistently meets our teachers’ demands for an affordable program with a quick enrollment process, which has resulted in the retention of many educators who would have otherwise faced non-renewal. This program is my top recommendation due to its cost-effectiveness and ability to cater to diverse needs while ensuring initial certification with only the necessary Georgia assessments.”

– Rose Wilson, Human Resources Certification Manager at Clayton County Public Schools 

2. Pass the required Georgia certification exams 

To become a fully certified teacher in Georgia, you’ll need to pass the Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators (GACE), which evaluates your knowledge and teaching abilities. These computer-delivered tests consist of basic skill and content assessments relevant to your desired subject or grade level.  

To support candidate test preparation and success, Moreland’s TEACH-NOW program includes certification test preparation. We also work with outside test prep partners to offer you even more support for this important step in your certification journey. 

3. Apply for and obtain a full teaching license in Georgia

The final step is to apply for certification through Georgia Professional Standards Commission (GaPSC) —submitting all required documents, including transcripts and GACE scores. Once approved, you will be officially certified as a teacher in Georgia.  

Moreland Supports Georgia Educators Transitioning from Temporary to Full Teaching Certification 

Moreland University understands the challenges faced by conditionally certified teachers in Georgia. That’s why we offer a range of resources and programs specifically crafted to support and empower educators on their journey to obtain full professional licensure. 

With practical instruction from expert faculty members (many of whom are current or former K-12 teachers themselves), the TEACH-NOW program is provides educators with the knowledge, skills, and credentials necessary to excel in any classroom. Our candidates benefit from:  

  • An accelerated EPP that can be completed in 9 months (including student teaching)  
  • Rolling admissions and monthly start dates — helping you get fully certified on your schedule  
  • A 100% online learning format that works with your schedule  
  • 1:1 feedback from peers, faculty, staff, and mentor teachers 
  • Clinical learning that can be completed in your current classroom 
  • A unique global cohort model offering unparalleled support and a broad network 
  • Embedded test prep to help you pass certification exams 
  • Sallie Mae loans, which offer competitive interest rates and flexible repayment options — including deferred payments while in school and grace periods post-graduation — to eligible Moreland candidates 

Get your full Georgia certification on your timeline 

Ready to advance your education career and obtain full teaching certification in Georgia? Moreland University is here to help you shape your career in education. Explore our programs, connect with our expert staff, and unlock your full potential as an educator in Georgia. Discover how Moreland specifically supports teachers in Georgia, and apply to Moreland today

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