Spotlight - Sbahle Mkhize - Moreland Graduate - TEACH-NOW Teacher Preperation Program - Quote: The best practices I have learned at Moreland University have been an awakening and a confidence booster in the classroom.

Why You Should Choose Moreland University: Sbahle Mkhize’s Reasons


Are you looking for a clear path to getting your teaching certificate? Do you need a teacher preparation program that is flexible with your schedule, affordable, and accommodating to your online learning needs?

Take it from Sbahle Mkhize, a Moreland University TEACH-NOW Teacher Preparation Program candidate. She began her teaching career in 2019, moving from her home in South Africa to teach kindergarten students in China. She moved to China seeking more financial and work opportunities, following an innate passion to be in the classroom, positively influencing students.

At the time, Sbahle wanted to further her education in teaching. She was seeking an online teaching program that would offer flexibility for her schedule, a highly collaborative teaching environment, and a non-traditional way of learning.

Her search, that would eventually lead to Moreland University’s TEACH-NOW program, began with the question, “How do you define a 21st century teacher?” Through her analysis, Sabahle’s definition of a 21st century teacher was one who was seeking an online learning program that was resourceful, non-traditional in nature, utilized technology in a way that was user-friendly, and was impact-driven.

Defining this Impact.  In the opinion of Moreland Alum Sbahle, if you are looking to make an impact inside the classroom, Moreland University is the way to go. The TEACH-NOW program offers practical applications of best school practices that are results-driven. The skillset acquired at Moreland University focuses on transferable skills that candidates can apply directly in their classrooms.

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Moreland University Candidate Spotlight — Sbahle Mkhize

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