Unlocking Excellence: How Moreland Faculty Support, Inspire, & Empower Future Educators

Moreland University is proud to be home to expert faculty educators from all around the globe. Whether you’re seeking full certification, are new to the field, or an international candidate looking to teach in the U.S., all our faculty members have PK-12 classroom teaching experience — making them very well-equipped and eager to help you become a confident and capable educator.  

3 factors that help Moreland’s faculty stand out: expertise, supportiveness, and extensive networks  

Experts in their Field 

Moreland faculty members are experts in their field. Not only are they well versed in practical application of teaching skills, but they also prioritize understanding pedagogy and the application of your content knowledge to help you understand what works in the classroom — and why.  

Small class sizes and cohorts encourage close relationships with faculty who help candidates with each step towards certification and beyond. Candidates receive valuable and specific feedback on their assignments to build confidence in applying what they’ve learned. Moreland also assigns mentor-teachers for one-on-one guidance during candidates’ hands-on clinical learning.   

Supportive and Understanding 

The faculty at Moreland also want to recognize and understand their candidates on a personal level. Their goal is to help you succeed in your studies so that you also thrive in your future classroom.  

Whether you are in the U.S. or abroad or an aspiring educator, a temporarily or emergency certified and seeking full certification, or a career-changer, Moreland faculty know the path to success looks different for everyone, and they want to meet you where you are. Not only that, but Moreland candidates leave their courses feeling encouraged and inspired by their faculty and mentors, more excited than ever to join the diverse community of educators. 

A Network Beyond the Classroom 

The relationships and communities built in Moreland classrooms extend far beyond the length of the coursework. Oftentimes faculty continue to serve as mentors for their students after their certification and help them prioritize and achieve additional career goals. Alumni networking opportunities and online spaces like Moreland’s Facebook group connect faculty, alumni, and current candidates from all around the globe. 

Step into the Classroom 

Find out more about Moreland University’s TEACH-NOW Teacher Preparation Certificate Program and important factors to look for when choosing your right-fit Educator Preparation Program (EPP) with this complementary guide.  

Moreland is here to help you thrive in your career as an educator. Our Admissions Representatives are available to chat one on one about your specific goals, interests, and needs — including financing options via Sallie Mae. We look forward to helping you elevate your teaching career with Moreland!