Teach Now, Pay Later: Finance Your Moreland Education with Sallie Mae


At Moreland University, we believe achieving your educator dreams should be accessible and affordable. This is something we’ve prioritized since our inception, which helps ensure financial constraints never stand in the way of teachers’ academic aspirations. 

While we pride ourselves on maintaining low tuition rates for educators while providing a high-quality education, we also understand that financing higher education can be challenging for anyone. To help, we offer interest-free monthly payment plans for all our programs as well as occasional scholarship opportunities.  

“I love that Moreland gives complete support to its staff and students to unlock people’s potential. My own experience with Moreland was the unwavering encouragement I received to complete my certification course.” – Seth Griffiths, TEACH-NOW graduate, 2021 

But we firmly believe you should have several options when it comes to financing your academic journey, which is why we’re excited to introduce our new partnership with Sallie Mae, a leader in education finance.  

Teach Now, Pay Later with a Sallie Mae Loan for Eligible Moreland Candidates 

Financing your future as an educator isn’t an obstacle you have to navigate on your own. Our partnership with Sallie Mae offers qualified candidates in our TEACH-NOW Teacher Preparation Certificate Program or any of our master’s programs direct access to Sallie Mae’s smart loan options — empowering you to teach now and pay later.   

Moreland candidates can apply for a Sallie Mae loan at any time 

If you are working, managing your personal life, and completing an online degree, the need for financing can happen at any time. Sallie Mae allows you to pursue loan options whenever necessary during your Moreland University experience. Review their financing options and apply for what you need when you need it — whether you are applying to Moreland, currently enrolled in a cohort, or on the verge of graduation. 

Benefit from competitive interest rates and flexible repayment options 

Sallie Mae offers loans with competitive interest rates and flexible repayment options to eligible Moreland candidates. When considering your Sallie Mae loan options, you’ll be able to review special variable or fixed rates designed to make education more affordable. From there, you can choose the solution that best fits your individual situation—which could include deferred payments or grace periods after graduation.  

Sallie Mae loans can cover all education-related expenses 

Beyond tuition a Sallie Mae loan may also cover qualified education related expenses, such as books, a laptop, and other technology. This provides our candidates with a means to finance other aspects of their Moreland education and set themselves up for success post-graduation. 

By providing you with financing options from Sallie Mae we’re adding one more layer of support as you progress in your teaching career. 

“Moreland University’s programs, the instructors and staff, will work with a student when ‘life happens’ as they understand that we are all balancing demanding careers, certification and/or master’s work and family needs as we complete our studies. The convenience was one of the major factors that attracted me to Moreland University, as well as the small cohort size, quality of instructors, not to mention the affordability. I changed careers after retiring early and I am very happy with the education that I have received, particularly as it relates to technology in the classroom. I am a better teacher, and more than qualified, as a result of Moreland University’s array of programs and degrees.” – Beth Gambrell, TEACH-NOW graduate, 2023  

Access financial support from Sallie Mae. Advance your teaching career at Moreland University.  

As current and former educators, we understand what you want to achieve. By partnering with Sallie Mae, we are connecting you with experts in educational finance and addressing the financial questions that come with continued education. 

“What sets Moreland apart is their unwavering commitment to each student’s journey. They walk alongside you, ensuring no one is left behind and providing support until you reach your goals.” – Dainess John Mwapili, TEACH-NOW and M.Ed. graduate, 2023 

Ready to teach now and pay later?  

The drive to acquire and improve your classroom teaching skills shouldn’t be sidelined because of unsolved financial needs. Teach now, pay later with a Sallie Mae loan for eligible Moreland candidates. Learn more, including how to apply for a Sallie Mae loan, at Moreland.edu/SallieMae.  

Loan information is subject to change. Always refer to salliemae.com for the most accurate and up-to-date information.