Invest in Yourself: A Conversation with Moreland Grad Zee


Zee’s Teacher Journey 

Zee was born in Durban, South Africa and has been working as an educator in China for six years. She didn’t always know she wanted to be a teacher. She graduated with a degree in Fine Arts but was later drawn to teaching, seeking security and professional development.  

In 2024, Zee completed her certification through Moreland University’s TEACH-NOW Teacher Preparation Certificate Program. With her love of travel and eagerness to help students grow, international teaching seemed like an exciting next step.  

Why Zee Chose Moreland 

Zee originally heard about Moreland from her colleagues and then researched it on her own. Moreland’s focus on technology integration and its condensed timeline meant she could be in the classroom — fully certified — in less time and with more resources and confidence.  

She says that credentials and certifications are invaluable in the international teaching profession; since many schools have different expectations and standards, those credentials can help educators ensure job security and opportunities should they want to change schools or roles.  

Zee found Moreland’s curriculum to be relevant and could often apply what she’d learned in her classroom in a matter of days. She appreciated how Moreland equipped her with the tools she needed to make her classroom an ideal learning environment for each of her students, particularly in terms of differentiation — helping classes run smoothly by catering to each students’ individual needs and keeping them engaged. 

 “I am so happy that my [students] have been reaping the rewards; they have also been witnessing my growth as a teacher and as a person.” – Zee, Moreland TEACH-NOW grad, 2024

Steps for Success  

For aspiring educators or international candidates considering teaching, a U.S. teaching certification is a key step.  

Zee has some suggestions from her own experience with Moreland that can help you succeed in your Educator Preparation Program and other professional development.  

  • Give your classes the time they require.  
    Attend any synchronous sessions as they happen instead of trying to catch up. Recognize the time commitment and hold yourself accountable. (Your future self will thank you for being on top of things!) 
  • Don’t give up the things you love.  
    Zee made sure to prioritize personal travel when she could, even completing part of her certification from Fiji and Bali. Zee describes this part of her journey as “learning to work and play at the same time.” 
  • Come prepared to learn and create.  
    Moreland’s program is divided into clear modules, so it’s worthwhile to start brainstorming for your clinicals and assignments early on.  
  • Remember that professional development is an investment in your own future.  
    While it might feel like your life is on pause while you are completing your course, you are opening doors to create the future you want.  

“My teaching journey hasn’t always been perfect, but I have gained so much… and grown professionally and personally.” – Zee, Moreland TEACH-NOW grad, 2024 

Newly graduated from Moreland University, Zee is excited to see where her teaching career will take her next.  

Watch Zee’s full interview with Moreland alum Sbahle Mkhize here. You can also learn more about what it’s like to be an international teacher on Sbahle’s YouTube channel and on Moreland’s Instagram.  

Moreland can help you achieve your teaching dreams! 

If you are a current or aspiring educator seeking a U.S. teaching certification, Moreland University could be the path for you. Our Admissions Representatives are happy to chat one on one about your specific goals, interests, and needs — including financing options via Sallie Mae.