International Teacher Mobility Study


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Read our original research on 460 TEACH-NOW candidates and graduates, conducted in October 2019.

To better understand the diverse group of teachers in its programs, TEACH-NOW conducted a Mobility Survey of its candidates and graduates on October 18-29, 2019. This survey sought to find out why so many bright people from all over the world who already hold at least a bachelor’s degree were enrolling in TEACH-NOW in rapidly increasing numbers, during a time when enrollments in teacher preparation programs in the U.S. have been plummeting.

This report analyzes the responses of 460 TEACH-NOW candidates who answered a survey sent via email to the program’s candidates and graduates. Data from the survey was compared to that available on TEACH-NOW’s platform and other data sources, to help test for reliability. Generally, the data sets matched up well, though it is important to note that candidates in this study were more likely to be teaching than TEACH-NOW candidates on the whole. Rather than a weakness, this fact actually strengthens the conclusions reached here.

Candidates were asked about where they are from, as well as questions about their teaching experiences, mobility, and future career plans. The findings reveal not only highly mobile teachers all over the world, but an educated, experienced, dedicated cadre of individuals eager and available to teach wherever they are needed. These findings have significant implications for the future of teacher preparation, as well as teacher certification processes and policy.

–Andrew Christian, Institutional & Market Research

TEACH-NOW Graduate School of Education

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