How to Get a Teaching Certification in West Virginia


A West Virginia teaching certification requires you to attend an approved teacher preparation program, gain classroom experience, and apply for your certification with the state board. 

It’s important to note that certification requirements are ultimately up to the state, and the best place to see further information is from the West Virginia Department of Education.

Educational Requirements

All teachers in West Virginia are required to hold a bachelor’s degree. If you have not already completed your bachelor’s degree you can pursue a “traditional pathway” to teaching certification by enrolling in a bachelor’s in education program. Once you have completed this pathway, you can apply for teaching certification through your state.

If you already have a bachelor’s degree in a subject other than education, you do not need to complete another 4 year bachelor’s degree to become a teacher in West Virginia! You can participate in an approved teacher preparation program in order to qualify for a teaching certificate. A teacher preparation program will allow you to complete any additional coursework requirements, student teaching time, and obtain a recommendation for certification.  

Student Teaching and Additional Experience

In order to get a West Virginia Teaching Certification you will need to complete 12 weeks of student teaching. West Virginia allows two alternatives to student teaching–internships or prior education experience. An education internship can stand in place for student teaching at the end of your degree or teaching program, but you should check with the state certification board to ensure that your internship qualifies. Another option is to have 5 years of out-state teaching experience. This requirement can seem intimidating to new teachers, but a teacher preparation program will provide you with the experience you need to meet this state requirement. 

Required Exams 

West Virginia requires anyone seeking certification to pass 3 assessments: Core Academic Skills, The Principles of Teaching, and a Content Knowledge Test. All three tests are administered by Praxis and the exact test will vary depending on the subject and grade level you plan to teach.

In some cases, passing scores on equivalent tests may be accepted as a substitute if you are applying for certification through reciprocity.

Reciprocity Agreements

Many states will take prior teaching certifications into account when considering your application for an in-state teaching certification. While you will have to re-apply for your teaching certification in West Virginia, the state may take into account content assessments, prior work history, and education to determine your eligibility. You can consult the state department of education or our support team for more information. 

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