How to Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week 2023


Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! This week is dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the amazing work that teachers and educators do on a daily basis. At Moreland University, celebrating and supporting our global network of teachers is our mission. This week especially, Moreland University would like to extend our deepest appreciation for the hard work, dedication, and expertise demonstrated by our inspiring community of educators. If you are currently teaching in a school or district in the United States, apply for our special Teacher Appreciation Week Scholarship. The deadline to apply is Friday, May 12.

Ready to celebrate this year? Take a look at our recent blog to learn everything you need to know about Teacher Appreciation Week 2024!

The Impact of Teachers

Teachers play a crucial role in the lives of students, providing guidance, knowledge, and support that can have a lasting impact. They are responsible for imparting not just academic knowledge, but also life skills, values, and social and emotional development.

Teachers are often seen as role models and mentors, helping students navigate challenges and providing empowerment and guidance to help students reach their full potential. They create a safe and fruitful environment where students can grow and learn. By creating a classroom culture that values and respects diversity, teachers can help students learn to appreciate and embrace differences, while also fostering a sense of belonging and inclusivity for all.

At Moreland University, our driving force is simple: to support and empower the world’s teachers. The goal for our TEACH-NOW online teaching certification program is to equip, enable, and empower teachers to go into any learning environment, anywhere in the world, and diagnose where each learner is coming from, to design and implement learning experiences to ensure that every student learns, grows, and develops.

Moreland University recognizes the impact of teachers is far-reaching, as the knowledge, skills, and values that they impart to their students can ripple out into the broader community and even the world. By nurturing and supporting the growth of the next generation, teachers are helping to shape a brighter, more hopeful future for us all.

Moreland University Teacher Appreciation Week Scholarship

At Moreland University, we want to express our gratitude for the dedication and hard work of all educators. To show our immense appreciation, we are offering a Teacher Appreciation Week scholarship to those currently teaching or working within a school or district in the United States who are working towards their certification.

Applicants who meet the requirements will be awarded a $200 scholarship to apply to their tuition. This is a great opportunity for teachers to continue their education and professional learning while receiving financial support. This scholarship can be used towards our TEACH-NOW online teacher preparation program or towards one of our master’s in education programs.

Apply for our scholarship offering during Teacher Appreciation Week, May 8-12, and take the next step in your teaching journey. We hope that this scholarship will help support and inspire teachers in their important work.

teacher appreciation week scholarship

Thank You Teachers for All You Do

Teaching is not an easy job, and it often goes unrecognized. Teachers work long hours, go above and beyond for their students, and constantly seek to improve their skills and knowledge. We want to take this opportunity to thank every teacher for their hard work and dedication.

We believe that teachers are the backbone of our society, and the work that they do is invaluable. They inspire us to reach our full potential, to think critically, and to challenge ourselves. They instill in us a love for learning that lasts a lifetime.

So, to all the teachers out there, thank you. Thank you for your tireless efforts and for being a positive force in the lives of your students. We appreciate all that you do, and we hope that this Teacher Appreciation Week serves as a reminder of how much you are valued and respected.

How You Can Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week 2023

Looking for ways you can celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week and join the conversation?

We are asking our Moreland community of educators to join the conversation and share some of the impact teaching has had on their lives. If you would like to participate, follow the prompts below and make sure to use the hashtag #MUteachers for an opportunity for your post to be shared on our Moreland University socials.

how to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week

Learn more about our TEACH-NOW online teacher preparation program and master’s in education programs.

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