How Educators with a Maryland Conditional Teaching Certificate Can Get Their Full Professional Licensure

| by Alex Skov


Are you a conditionally certified teacher in Maryland? Individuals in Maryland who have stepped up to the challenge of being an emergency certified teacher with a temporary or conditional license have options when it comes to solidifying their career path and credentials. 

Moreland University is here to help individuals like you, offering comprehensive resources regarding full professional licensure in Maryland as well as fully accredited educational programs tailored to your needs, including pathways to continue your career with the Maryland professional teaching certificate

Understanding the Transition from a Conditional Teaching Certificate to Maryland’s Full Professional Licensure 

Maryland’s conditional teaching certificate creates a way for educators to get into the classroom while working toward their full professional certification.  

Obtaining a professional teaching certificate provides a means to formalize and lengthen an individual’s teaching career, ensuring they meet the state’s standards for excellence in education and can credibly lead a classroom to prepare students for their next steps in life. 

Going from a Maryland Conditional Teaching Certificate to a Full Professional Licensure 

For teachers with a Maryland conditional teaching certificate, there are a few basic steps to obtain a full professional licensure in the state that can be completed while working full-time in a school or district. In addition to the steps below, make sure you have completed a background check, as everyone working in Maryland Public Schools must have a comprehensive background check done at least once every five years.  

1. Conditionally certified teachers in Maryland should complete a state-approved educator preparation program (EPP)

Those who hold bachelor’s degrees in a field other than education will need to complete a teacher preparation program to continue teaching in Maryland. These programs ensure that individuals have the necessary skills and knowledge to meet Maryland’s standards for teaching.  

Various teacher preparation programs are available, including Moreland University’s 9-month 100% online TEACH-NOW program. This program empowers teachers pursuing full professional licensure to continue their own education while staying present in their school and district communities, especially as the clinical learning (student teaching) portion of the program can be completed in your current classroom!  

Moreland also partners with school districts across Maryland (including Montgomery County Public Schools, Anne Arundel County Public Schools, Harford County Public Schools, Worcester County Public Schools, Charles County Public Schools, and Cecil County Public Schools), offering additional perks to educators in those districts. However, you do not need to be in one of our partner districts to enroll in our programs.  

“I have found Moreland’s program to be rigorous and the curriculum holds a high standard for our teachers to be effectively prepared to enter the classroom. All the staff at Moreland have been collaborative and very easy with whom to work. We have regular meetings to assess progress and provide information sessions to our educators. The Moreland staff is timely in their communications and very responsive to our needs.”  
– Brittany Mackel, Instructional Specialist at Montgomery County Public Schools 

2. Pass the required exams for professional certification in Maryland 

Those wishing to continue their careers in the classroom with a full professional licensure in Maryland will need to fulfill certification exam requirements to demonstrate their content knowledge and teaching abilities. This can include: 

  • Passing score on a Basic Skills Test or Praxis Core 
  • Passing score on the Praxis Subject Assessment 
  • Passing score on the Praxis Principles of Learning and Teaching (if applicable) 

Additional requirements or other exams may be necessary depending on the specific teaching certification area an individual is pursuing.  

Moreland University supports candidates as they prepare for state licensure exams preparation. In fact, 89% of our candidates receive passing scores on their first attempt when taking the Praxis test!  

3. Apply for and obtain a full professional teaching license in Maryland

Submitting an application for teacher certification to the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) via The Educator Application and Certification Hub (TEACH) account is the final step in the state’s certification process. Necessary documents to submit in a packet include: 

  • Official transcripts 
  • Passing scores on a Basic Skills test or a minimum overall GPA of 3.0 on the most recently earned degree 
  • Passing scores on the Content and Pedagogy test scores required for the area of certification an individual is seeking (if applicable) 
  • Proof of completion of an educator preparation program, such as Moreland’s TEACH-NOW program 
  • A completed application along with a non-refundable processing fee. (A $10 processing fee is required for the initial certificate and for each certificate renewal/reinstatement thereafter.) 

How Moreland University Can Support Educators with a Maryland Conditional Teaching Certificate 

Moreland University understands the challenges faced by emergency or conditionally certified teachers in Maryland. That’s why we offer a range of resources and programs specifically crafted to support and empower educators on their journey to obtain full professional licensure. 

With practical instruction from expert faculty members (many of whom are current or former K-12 teachers themselves), the TEACH-NOW program is provides educators with the knowledge, skills, and credentials necessary to excel in any classroom. Our candidates benefit from:  

  • An accelerated EPP that can be completed in 9 months (including student teaching)  
  • Rolling admissions and monthly start dates — helping you get fully certified on your schedule  
  • A 100% online learning format that works with your schedule  
  • 1:1 feedback from peers, faculty, staff, and mentor teachers 
  • Clinical learning that can be completed in your current classroom 
  • A unique global cohort model offering unparalleled support and a broad network 
  • Built in test prep to help you pass certification exams like the Praxis 

Whether you’re seeking initial certification or aiming to upgrade your existing credentials with a Master’s in Education (M.Ed.), Moreland University offers flexible programs that help educators thrive at every stage of their careers.  

“What I like most about Moreland University is the ease of being able to connect online and having knowledgeable professors that constantly support you. Especially when English is your second language, and it is not easy for you to express yourself widely.”  
– Brenda Guerrero de Deniz, Maryland educator and 2023 TEACH-NOW graduate 

Moreland has helped certify 330+ educators in Maryland. Let us help you take the next step in your teacher certification journey.  

Ready to take the next steps to keep teaching in Maryland and flourishing in your education career? Don’t let certification requirements hold you back. 

With Moreland University’s comprehensive programs, personalized support, and flexible learning options, you will be well-equipped to unlock your full potential as an educator and earn your professional teaching license for Maryland. Discover how Moreland specifically supports teachers in Maryland, and apply to Moreland today.  

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