Advance Your Career With a Teaching Certificate


Teaching certifications signal to schools that you are qualified to teach and most private and public schools will require you to have one, especially if you plan to teach in the United States. If you are considering transitioning into the teaching field or you are an educator in another role looking to become a full-time teacher, a teaching certificate can help you advance your career.

Teaching certifications are invaluable for those looking to move forward in their career, increase their salary, or gain more job flexibility.

Support Educators

Schools around the world rely on support teams to provide a quality education to their students. For substitute teachers and teachers aids who love their time in the classroom, becoming a full-time teacher can be an important next step in their careers.

Getting a teaching certificate can help advance these educators’ careers by allowing them to grow their impact in the classroom and provide them with the credentials to teach full-time in a variety of settings. 

In the United States, many states provide pathways to emergency or provisional teaching licenses. These allow new teachers to enter the classroom while earning the requirements for a professional teaching license. Often, an emergency or provisional license is valid for a limited time, so new teachers who plan to remain in the classroom must earn a professional license.  

Salary Increase

One of the biggest reasons that many choose to pursue a teaching certificate is to improve their salary. If you are an educator working in an auxiliary role (paraprofessionals or substitute teachers, for example), gaining a teaching certificate can be the next step in improving your career competitiveness. 

Transitioning from a support role to a full-time teaching role can grow your salary by tens of thousands of dollars per year. 

Job Security and Advancement

Getting your teaching certification can help ensure that you have long time job security in your state. It can also give you the flexibility to move between jobs and states without having to worry about the competitiveness of uncertified teaching jobs.

Teaching is a recession-proof career, making it a great option if job security is important to you. Despite the economy, a licensed teacher will be in demand, especially if you are licensed in a hard-to-staff content area, like special education. 

Additionally, promotions and career advancements are more likely to be offered to teachers that already have certifications in their field.

Making the decision to earn a teaching license is an easy first step for anyone pursuing a career as an educator. Finding the right pathway to the right license for you can be the confusing part! You’ll want to consider where you plan to teach and what you plan to teach. Once you’ve clarified those, you can identify the type of certification you’ll need and the requirements to apply for certification. Whether you plan to teach for 5 years or 50, a teaching certificate will help you advance your career and ensure you are making an impact in the classroom. 

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Where are you on your path to teacher certification?

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To issue a formal teaching qualification, most countries require a baccalaureate degree, a teacher preparation program, demonstration of subject knowledge, and a clinical teaching experience.

Baccalaureate Degree

Teacher Preparation Program

Subject Knowledge

Clinical Practice

Teacher Certification

online teaching preparation programs in the united states

United States

There are 51 states (including the District of Columbia) the offer teaching creditials in the United States. TEACH-NOW Teacher Preparation Certificate Program is approved in three states: DC, AZ and WV.

51 States Have Specific
Certification Requirements

Accredited Approved Certificate
Preparation Provider in
DC, AZ, and WV

Teacher Certification
in 3 States

Reciprocity Agreements Among
Most States + Recognition by
Most Countries

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