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Moreland’s high-quality programs designed with a unique global cohort model ignite innovation and collaboration
among instructors and fellow educators from around the world — equipping you with the knowledge, global network,
and skills to thrive as a teacher.

Sallie Mae offers loans with competitive interest rates and flexible repayment options – including deferred payments while in school and grace periods after graduation – to eligible Moreland candidates

See what teachers across the U.S. have to say about Moreland University:

“What I loved most about Moreland University was that they were very flexible, and the instructors were very supportive and very informative. Whenever I had questions, they were available and would respond…almost immediately. And they were very clear when they answered the question. It was such a great program to be a part of, especially when I was working full time as a teacher both when I got my certification and when I did the master’s add-on.”

Carisa Frisby
Arizona educator
M.Ed. Educational Research with Certificate graduate, 2021

“Moreland University’s programs, the instructors and staff, will work with a student when “life happens” as they understand that we are all balancing demanding careers, certification and/or master’s work and family needs as we complete our studies. The convenience was one of the major factors that attracted me to Moreland University, as well as the small cohort size, quality of instructors, not to mention the affordability. I changed careers after retiring early and I am very happy with the education that I have received, particularly as it relates to technology in the classroom. I am a better teacher, and more than qualified, as a result of Moreland University’s array of programs and degrees.”

Beth Gambrell
U.S. educator
TEACH-NOW graduate, 2023

“It is very accessible yet teaches hands-on practical things to future-teachers. I also made wonderful friends around the world in my cohort.”

Duo Chen
Maryland educator
TEACH-NOW graduate, 2022

“The classroom has totally changed since I was a kid. All the technology, software, and tools available! I wanted to learn about that. Also, I wanted guidance on classroom management…The main appeal for me was that you can be anywhere in the world and take the classes and do the curriculum with Moreland University.”

Janie Mabe
Virginia educator
TEACH-NOW graduate, 2022

“What I like most about Moreland University is the ease of being able to connect online and having knowledgeable professors that constantly support you. Especially when English is your second language, and it is not easy for you to express yourself widely.”

Brenda Guerrero de Deniz
Maryland educator
TEACH-NOW graduate, 2023

“As a graduate student at Moreland University, I benefit from the high-quality academic programs and rigorous standards of education. My instructors are renowned for their expertise, dedication to teaching, and commitment to fostering an engaging learning environment. My cohort provides a supportive and collaborative platform.”

Elizabeth Rakis
Maryland educator
TEACH-NOW graduate, 2024

At Moreland University, we offer flexible programs with monthly
cohort start dates, enabling you to apply and enroll at any time.