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To prepare teachers for Florida’s professional teacher certification — and their futures in the classroom — Moreland University’s TEACH-NOW program offers a rigorous online program and 12-week clinical practice and mentorship.
Complete the program in as little as nine months.

Earn graduate credits, enjoy a flexible learning environment, join our amazing community of teachers, and learn in the way you plan to teach. With multiple start dates each month, complete the program in a way that fits
your schedule and lifestyle.

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Accreditations & Approvals

Get Moreland’s Guide to Teacher Certification

Learn how to earn your teaching credential online through our comprehensive guide to teacher certification.

Admissions Requirements and Tuition

TEACH-NOW® Teacher Preparation Certificate Program

Prospective candidates must meet the following requirements to be eligible for admission to the TEACH-NOW® Online Teacher Preparation Certificate program:

1. Bachelor’s degree (or higher)

  • An official bachelor’s transcript is required at time of admission.
  • Applicants who earned a bachelor’s degree from a non-U.S. institution must have their official transcript evaluated for educational equivalence by a National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) member agency prior to enrollment.

2. Minimum GPA of a 3.0 from bachelor’s degree (or) meet the threshold for GPA exception which includes any of the following options:

  • Two or more years of teaching experience
  • A completed master’s degree or higher
  • A letter of recommendation attesting to academic integrity
  • A degree conferred more than 10 years ago

3. English language proficiency exhibited in a writing sample that demonstrates effective writing skills in English, as well as evidence of passion and enthusiasm for helping young people learn, grow, and develop.

4. A valid Status of Eligibility (SOE) from the Florida Department of Education indicating that you are eligible for the certification subject area and grade level listed on the SOE. The statement must read, “You are eligible.”

  • The program start date cannot begin before you receive an eligible SOE.


Alternative: Initial payment of $900 and eight (8) monthly payments of $700. Non-refundable registration fee of $200 is included. Please read our Refund Policy.

Moreland University’s “Guide to Teacher Certification in Florida” offers a streamlined overview of what it takes to become a certified teacher in Florida.

Access the downloadable guide at no cost here.

Florida EPI Program Modules


Program Orientation
Meet your cohort to explore online collaboration tools, and get ready to discuss ways to work with each other during the program.


The Culture of Schooling
Understand the big picture view of teaching and learning, analyze student diversity, and discuss strategies to personalize instruction.


The Learner & Learning in the Digital Age
Understand the student learner, design and create student-centered learning experiences through innovative tools and strategies.


Managing the Learning Environment
Learn how to effectively manage class time and student work through procedures and transitions that help students learn, develop and grow.


Student Assessments
Understand curriculum planning, determine ways to track and monitor student progress, gather and analyze data to inform instruction, differentiation and student grouping.


Planning & Preparation for Learning
Learn and practice skills in curriculum mapping, unit and lesson planning to use during the clinical practice portion of the program.


Introduction to Clinical Practice
Review the evaluation procedure, prepare lessons for the first week of teaching in the classroom and review strategies for managing the learning environment.


Teacher Practice & Proficiency
A 12 week clinical practice where candidates work in a classroom with a mentor teacher and engage in reflective and collaborative teaching practice with their cohort.

Candidate Spotlights

“I enjoy giving back to help change
instruction to be more student-centered. I
can have an impact on kids and teachers!”

“The classroom has totally changed since
I was a kid. All the technology, software,
and tools available! I wanted to learn
about that. Also, I wanted guidance on
classroom management…”

“My peers give me really good input and
feedback! For me, it has been an
awakening and a confidence booster in
the classroom.”


“I sit here today with a signed contract in front of me for a social science teaching position for an immediate start here in Seattle. The principal told me how impressed she was with how all of my interview answers aligned with Summit’s mission. This is all a result of my work in Moreland’s program.”

Robert Keener, TEACH-NOW® Program Graduate

“I’m so pleased to be completing projects that will actually help me when I become an administrator.”

Shandre, Master’s in Educational Leadership

woman taking an online teacher preparation program

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