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Whether you are already in the classroom or want to begin a rewarding new career as an educator, find everything you need to know about earning your Arizona Teacher Certification in this one, convenient downloadable guide.

This free Guide to Teacher Certification in Arizona simplifies the Arizona teacher certification process and answers today’s most often-asked questions. Plus, you can discover the advantages of both direct and alternative pathways for earning teacher certification in Arizona, including Moreland University’s accelerated TEACH-NOW® Teacher Preparation Certificate Program.
In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn:

  • Each important step toward earning your Arizona teacher certification
  • Critical dates on the pathway to become a licensed teacher in Arizona
  • Key requirements, costs, and exams that lead to certification
  • When and how to submit your Arizona teacher certification application
  • Additional insights, tips and preparation tools

I’m ready to shape my future

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Respected programs specifically designed for future educators, like Moreland University’s accelerated TEACH-NOW® Teacher Preparation Certificate Program, can help you achieve your goals at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional programs. Shape the future of education as a certified educator in the state that suits you best!

Why NOW is a great time to become a certified educator in Arizona.

  • Opportunities abound! Arizona's school systems reported 2,890 open teaching positions for 2023 alone.1
  • Great benefits! As a certified teacher in Arizona, you’ll enjoy long-term job security and a comprehensive benefits package through the Arizona Department of Administrations (ADOA) Benefit Services Division.2
  • Flexibility! You have the freedom to transfer your skills to any of more than 2,400 Arizona public schools while providing valuable support for young students.3

Join the thousands of Arizona educators who love their jobs and make a positive impact on students each year.

“The Moreland TEACH-NOW® Program has refined and built upon my knowledge of education in the most wonderful ways. I now feel more confident, precise, and intentional with the practices that I integrate into my elementary classroom.”

— Brianne K., Moreland University Graduate

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